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There’s a Great Dentist Near Estero!

November 22, 2017

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portrait of a smiling familyYou and your family deserve the very best in dental care. For our friends and neighbors in Estero, there’s a great dentist just a stone’s throw away from where you live. At Pelican Landing Dental, our team of doctors meet a variety of smile needs — from basic hygiene and exams to complex restorative care. Patients of all ages find what they need to love their smiles in our state-of-the-art office. And, because we always take the time to communicate treatment plans carefully and clearly, you will never feel pressured into making a decision you are not 100% sure about. Keep reading to find out more about our doctors, services, and why visiting Pelican Landing Dental is a wonderful decision for you and your loved ones.


Do Whitening Toothpastes Really Work?

October 17, 2017

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toothpaste on a toothbrushAre you looking for teeth whitening in Bonita Springs? You could pick up a whitening toothpaste at the grocery store, but do these formulas really work? And even if they do, are they really all that safe for your teeth? You (hopefully) don’t want to exchange your healthy smile for a brighter one, after all.


Dentist in Estero Says Stop Sipping Sparkling Water!

September 15, 2017

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young woman drinking water Many know that soda just isn’t the best substance to put into your body—especially when compared to water. Some just love that bubbly feeling associated with soda, which is why so many people love sparkling water. Although you may have thought you found a happy medium with sparkling water, this drink could actually be damaging your teeth? Your dentist in Estero wants to explain what’s really happening in your mouth when you choose to cut sugar but keep the carbonation in your beverages with sparkling water.


Your Dentist in Bonita Springs Corrects Uneven Front Teeth

August 28, 2017

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beautiful smile against a white backgroundBeauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it’s also all about proportions (hello Golden Ratio). If your front teeth are even slightly different lengths, you may find yourself hiding your smile or just wishing it looked a little better. Your dentist in Bonita Springs can help with options in cosmetic dentistry!


Crooked Teeth Take a Toll, Warns Dentist in Bonita Springs

August 22, 2017

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woman smiling with bracesMany people think getting braces is something you do for cosmetic reasons — that your smile will be prettier after you straighten out crooked teeth. While that’s certainly true, a bad bite affects more than just the appearance of your smile. Gapped, crowded, and other dental misalignments can actually affect your oral and overall health, too. Your dentist in Bonita Springs offers Invisalign and Smart Moves to help. Keep reading to find out more about why you need orthodontic treatment and which one might be right for you!


Cosmetic Dentist in Bonita Springs Offers Quick Orthodontics

July 18, 2017

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My cosmetic dentist in Bonita Springs offers accelerated orthodontics.Are you tired of your misaligned front teeth? It’s never too late to get them straightened. In fact, more adults are choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment than ever before. Maybe it’s because options like Smart Moves make the process easier (and more subtle) than you had ever dreamed possible. Your cosmetic dentist in Bonita Springs is pleased to offer patients smile transformation with this clear braces treatment!


Cosmetic Dentist in Bonita Springs Uses Advanced Technology

July 12, 2017

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My cosmetic dentist transformed my smile. Dentistry is advancing rapidly, and new technology is making care more comfortable and efficient than ever. At Pelican Landing Dental, your general and cosmetic dentist in Bonita Springs has outfitted our office with modern equipment to improve your dental experience. With an intraoral camera, digital X-rays, and our cone beam CT scanner, we are offering better care for all our patients! That makes a difference whether you’re just here for a regular checkup and cleaning, or if you need something a little more complex — like porcelain veneers, dental implants, or periodontal therapy.


Baby Boomer Dental Tips from a Dentist in Bonita Springs

June 14, 2017

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Visiting your dentist in Bonita in Springs can help maintain senior’s oral health. Did you know that every day over 10,000 baby boomers will turn 65? By the year 2030, there will be an estimated 74 million adults over the age of 65! That’s why it’s so important to your dentist in Bonita Springs to discuss how to maintain good oral health for our older patients. Although aging is unavoidable, your dental health taking a turn for the worst is! Follow these tips for maintaining good oral health for seniors.


Searching for a Dentist in Estero? Visit Our Dental Practice!

June 4, 2017

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When’s the last time you visited your dentist in Estero?Have you been looking for a dentist in Estero that truly embraces their work as a way of life and gives back to their community? Our dental professionals, Drs. Lacy and Rich Gilbert alongside Dr. Genevive Garris, have been working diligently to provide high-quality, technologically advanced dental care to entire families in the Bonita Springs and Estero areas. Pelican Landing Dental has definitely accomplished just that with the help of our consistent returning and new patients. When you visit our dental practice, expect the highest level of attentiveness to each patient, integrity, and pride in their work. Why would you go to any other dental practice when Pelican Landing Dental has all you need?


Dental Implants in Bonita Springs Replace Multiple Teeth

May 16, 2017

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How many teeth do you need replaced by dental implants in Bonita Springs?Are you facing losing one or more of your teeth? Maybe you’re a victim of a dental accident and knocked several teeth loose, what’s next? Dental implants in Bonita Springs may be just right for you! Our dental experts at Pelican Landing Dental are going to discuss how many teeth just a few dental implants can actually replace and how the process works. Before you know it, you’ll totally forget about missing any teeth!


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