Why Pull a Tooth When it Doesn’t Hurt?

Dental forceps holding an extracted tooth

Like many, you may think tooth extractions are only done to relieve pain. Fair enough – these procedures are associated with aching teeth. In reality, though, the assumption isn’t valid. There are good reasons to pull a tooth that doesn’t hurt. So, you may need an extraction even when a pearly white is pain-free. Your Bonita Springs dentist will happily tell you more. To that end, here are four reasons why a non-aching tooth might need to be pulled.

Tooth Decay

Dentists often treat cavities with dental fillings. That said, this option isn’t always possible. Sometimes, a decayed tooth must be pulled, even when it doesn’t hurt.

You see, a large cavity may threaten your tooth’s structure. Leaving it unchecked might cause your pearly white to work poorly. Worse, doing nothing will let the decay reach dental nerves and trigger aches. To avoid such effects, a dentist may pull the tooth if it can’t be repaired.

Gum Disease

Gum disease mainly affects your gums. However, it can prove harmful to teeth as well. It could then force you to get a non-aching tooth pulled.

If you don’t already know, gum disease can infect the regions that support your teeth. (These include your jawbone and other tissues.) In doing so, it’d result in loose teeth that may need removal. The chompers wouldn’t necessarily feel pain, either – the areas around them would just destabilize and recede.

An Infection

Tooth infections are a risk to your oral health. As such, the best way to treat them is to remove the infected teeth. This fact holds true even when the teeth don’t ache.

Honestly, a tooth infection won’t clear up on its own. It’ll spread to your jawbone and other body parts when left untreated. From there, it could cause life-threatening issues like sepsis. You’d thus be wise to remove the infected teeth. The pearly whites may not even hurt if the infection kills their nerves.

Crowded Mouth

In some cases, a dentist must pull a tooth for orthodontic reasons. While the chomper may not hurt, removing it would create crucial space in your mouth.

It comes down to the issue of overcrowded teeth. When your mouth lacks room for chompers, your grin becomes misaligned and crooked. Dentists will often remove your wisdom teeth to avoid that outcome, even if said teeth haven’t erupted yet.

Clearly, there are good reasons to pull a tooth that doesn’t hurt. Keep them in mind when your dentist suggests an extraction procedure.

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