Why Do Dentists Need to Take X-rays?

man getting a dental x-ray

If you’ve been to a dental exam any time in the last few decades, you’re probably familiar with dental X-rays and how they’re used. Imaging technology just gets more and more advanced over time, which gives your dentist even more options to diagnose increasingly complicated issues.

However, if you’re someone who is a little bit put off by the idea of X-rays, you may wonder what it is that makes them absolutely necessary. Here’s why it’s so important for your dentist to be able to see what’s going on inside your teeth.

What Makes X-rays So Important?

When you take a look inside your mouth, there are some things that are easier to see than others. You can clearly see the top of your molars and the front of your incisors, but knowing what’s going on in between the teeth can be seriously challenging.

Dentists have the same problem, which is where X-rays come in. There are some things that even an experienced dentist might have a little bit of difficulty detecting just by looking, like cavities in between the teeth or infections that are attacking the root pulp. Being able to peer inside the tooth is crucially important to make sure that nothing is seeping through the cracks.

What About Kids’ X-rays?

Adults usually get X-rays after every few exams, but children will usually get them just about every time they visit the dentist. That’s because children are still getting their primary teeth, and these are lurking under the surface. Their dentist wants to make sure that those teeth are coming in properly, and can only use X-rays to do that.

Are X-rays Safe?

Yes, the X-rays you get at the dentist’s office are completely safe. The amount of radiation produced by the machine is minimal, and your dentist will even provide you with a lead-lined vest in order to protect you.

The fact is that you’re probably exposed to more radiation by walking around outside than you are from a dental X-ray. If you’ve ever worried about the safety of dental imaging, you don’t have to be.

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