4 of the Weirdest Dental Emergencies of All Time

Picture of a plant

Most people will have to deal with a dental emergency at some point in their life. Whether it be a chipped tooth or toothache, usually the problem is something manageable. Some people, however, let things get a little bit out of hand. Here are a few strange dental emergencies that have afflicted people over the years.

#1: The Fluoride Farmer

Sometimes, life finds a way. One man went to his dentist’s office complaining of a toothache and irritated gums. Naturally, the dentist recommended a root canal to fix what appeared to be an infection. What he didn’t expect, however, was to find a plant growing inside the man’s tooth. Apparently, a tomato seed somehow slid into a cavity and, by some miracle, began to sprout.

#2: The DIY Dentist

Doing things yourself is great, but some jobs should be left to professionals. One woman found that out the hard way when she tried to use super glue to repair her dental implant. This obviously didn’t work, but she did manage to glue her teeth together in the process. When asked why she would try something like this, all she could do was smile.

#3: The Dirty Dentures

When you get a set of dentures, you’ll need to visit your dentist occasionally so they can check for wear and tear. Of course, you need to take them out sometimes as well. One woman arrived at her first routine appointment, and her dentist immediately noticed an issue. Not only was the gum line around her dentures infected, her prosthetic smelled terrible. As it turns out, for the first few months she had had her dentures, she never once took them out to clean them. 

#4: The Consumed Crown

Some people won’t let anything go to waste, even waste. One woman lost her crown and immediately called her dentist. She scheduled her appointment and quickly had the restoration put back into place. However, she didn’t tell her dentist until afterward where the crown had been. After it initially came off, she put it on the countertop where it was eaten by her dog. Refusing to let go of a perfectly good restoration, she waited for the dog to “pass” it and then brought it to her appointment. She said she cleaned the crown extremely well before it was replaced—unfortunately, memories can never be washed away.

If there’s one takeaway from these stories, it’s that you should see your dentist often to prevent these kinds of issues. You might have to deal with a dental emergency someday, but don’t worry; you’ll almost certainly be in a better position than these people.

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