Store-Bought vs. Professional Teeth Whitening: What’s the Difference?

a person getting their teeth professionally whitened with a cosmetic dentist

One of the most common cosmetic dental treatments is teeth whitening in Bonita Springs. It’s no wonder why so many people strive for a brighter and whiter smile, because it can signify confidence, success, and so much more. While some may turn to their dentist for these services, others may turn to their local oral hygiene aisle lined with endless whitening kits, strips, and toothpastes to choose from—all of which offer impressive promises of lasting and fast results. The unfortunate reality is that some of these products may not have positive impacts on your oral health, which is why your cosmetic dentist is here to set the record straight.

Are Store-Bought Teeth Whitening Products Safe to Use?

The main active ingredient in store-bought teeth whitening products is hydrogen peroxide, but many products also contain carbamide peroxide, which turns into hydrogen peroxide when it enters the mouth. This is because it can pass through teeth and break down stain-causing molecules that tarnish and discolor your smile.

Many store-bought whitening products aren’t approved by the American Dental Association because, although some of them may be effective, they can cause enamel erosion and other oral health problems, especially when they are overused.

What’s the Difference Between Professional & Store-Bought Teeth Whitening Products?

The main differences between professional and store-bought teeth whitening products are the concentration and administration aspects of the processes. Professional teeth whitening, whether you decide to get a take-home kit or in-office treatment contain higher concentrated products for more drastic and faster results. They’re also prescribed by experts and include carefully measured ingredients, ensuring you can’t overuse them and accidentally harm your teeth.

Store-bought teeth whitening toothpastes, kits, and strips can cause dental sensitivity, increased risk of decay, and other unwanted side-effects often as a result of not being overseen by a professional. Not to mention, the lower concentration of active ingredients may mean you may not receive the results you were hoping for.

What are the Benefits of Investing in Professional Treatment?

There are countless benefits to enjoy when you invest in professional teeth whitening from a cosmetic dentist in Bonita Springs. Some of these include:

  • More drastic results
  • Faster results
  • No risk of accidental overuse
  • Monitored and prescribed by a professional
  • Personalized to your needs
  • Longer-lasting results
  • Safer treatment
  • Choice of at-home or in-office treatment

Although it may seem more convenient to swing by your local department store and choose a whitening toothpaste or strips to use at home, it may not be in the best interest of your oral health. When you choose to go with an expert for teeth whitening, you’ll be able to maximize your results and trust that your oral health won’t be in harm’s way.

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