Can Receded Gums Grow Back?

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Gums. We all have them, but no one really thinks about their importance in oral health. Although teeth usually take the spotlight in conversations about dental health, it’s important to remember that gums play an integral role in keeping your mouth healthy. The soft oral tissue helps eliminate bacteria and prevents issues like gum disease from harming your smile. If you fail to practice good oral hygiene, you increase your risk of having recessive gums. But what if your gums have already receded – can they grow back? Read on to find out!

What Causes Gum Recession?

Gum recession is when the soft tissue that surrounds the teeth wears away, exposing more of the tooth and its root. When that happens, pockets or gaps form between the teeth and the gum line, making it easy for disease-causing bacteria to build up.

There are many possible causes behind recessive gums, including:

  • Periodontal Disease – This infection is the main cause of gum recession. It destroys the gum tissue and supporting bone that holds your teeth in place, making your gums recede.
  • Genetics – Studies show that 30% of the population are predisposed to gum disease, regardless of how well they care for their smile.
  • Overbrushing – Improper brushing can cause the enamel on your teeth to wear away and your gums to recede.
  • Poor Oral Hygiene – Failing to brush, floss, and rinse every day can lead to plaque buildup, which can cause gum recession.

Is Gum Recession Reversible?

Unfortunately, gum recession is not reversible. Once your soft tissues have receded, they’ll never return to their normal state without the help of gum grafts. The good news is that if your gums have already receded, it’s entirely possible to keep your condition from worsening. Of course, the earlier you address it, the easier it’ll be to get your smile back on the right track!

How to Prevent Gum Recession

The best way to prevent gum recession is to take proper care of your teeth and gums. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Practice good oral hygiene. Make sure you’re brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash every day. These standard at-home practices are essential to keep your teeth and gums in their very best shape.
  • Quit using tobacco products. Poor habits like smoking and using tobacco products are known to increase the risk of gum disease. There’s no better time like the present to kick those habits to the curb!
  • Eat a well-balanced diet. Stick to a healthy diet full of nutrient-rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, and lean proteins.
  • Visit your dentist regularly. It’s incredibly important that you see your dentist or periodontist at least twice a year, or as recommended.

In short, no – receded gums cannot grow back. However, you can easily prevent your condition from worsening by following the guidelines listed above. Taking proper care of your teeth and gums will help you enjoy a happy, healthy smile for life!

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