Why Do People Avoid the Dentist?

female patient visiting the dentist

Are you hesitant to visit the dentist? Do you cringe at the thought of sitting in a chair and letting another person poke and prod inside your mouth? Are you uninsured and worried it will cost too much for treatment? Many individuals use the excuse to avoid the dentist because of little money, forgetfulness, and dental fear in Bonita Springs. As a result, they often forgo regular checkups and cleanings, which can lead to worsening oral health problems that become costly over time. If you want to learn what you can do to avoid falling into this trap, read on.

What Causes People to Avoid the Dentist?

People come up with excuses to skip a dentist’s appointment. They find other tasks, obligations, and meetings to attend to, putting their oral health on the back burner. What they don’t realize is the longer they wait to seek preventive dentistry in Bonita Springs, the greater their risk for gum disease, tooth decay, cavities, oral cancer, and other dental health problems.

Here are just a few of the reasons people forgo regular dental visits:

  • Dental Anxiety: Whether caused by a past traumatic experience, a fear of needles, the inability to sit still for an extended period, or even the sights and sounds that fill a dentist’s office, dental anxiety is common among both children and adults.
  • Uninsured: Those without dental insurance often feel as if they cannot afford regular care. They’re either unaware of other payment options (i.e., in-house dental plans or flexible financing) or simply do not want the undertaking of paying for care they don’t feel they need.
  • Fear of Judgment: People with poor oral health and damaged teeth may feel ashamed to visit the dentist. Worried they will be judged for their smile, they refuse to seek professional help. Unfortunately, this only worsens their situation and puts their oral and overall health at risk.
  • No Pain: There is a common misconception that if pain is not evident, there is no need to visit the dentist. Extreme discomfort is only one possible system, and it does not always manifest in every situation. Problems can develop beneath the surface and in areas that do not elicit a pain response. As a result, people tend to forgo appointments because they assume nothing is wrong.

4 Ways to Ensure Year-Round Care for Your Smile

If you are guilty of any of the previously mentioned reasons for skipping a dentist’s appointment, it’s time to take on a new attitude and commit to caring for your smile. You can do this by:

  • Inquiring about sedation options to help reduce fear and anxiety. Also, practice breathing exercises and meditation, or bring music to your appointment to help take your focus off your dental work.
  • Asking about available in-house payment plans or flexible financing through a third-party company. These can help you save money while remaining within your budget.
  • Finding a dentist who is trustworthy and appreciates the time you’re taking to seek help for your decayed and damaged smile. A judgment-free zone is essential.
  • Maintaining six-month checkups and cleanings to ensure no problems are forming, and not letting pain dictate whether you should see the dentist.

Don’t let any of these reasons keep you from continually striving for better oral health. When you commit to taking better care of your smile, you’ll enjoy greater confidence and a more beautiful appearance year-round.

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