3 Reasons to Transition From Dentures to Dental Implants

man learning about transition from dentures to dental implants

Tired of your prosthetic always slipping? Done with buying denture adhesive to help hold it in place? Embarrassed by the unnatural look of your smile? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, maybe it’s time to consider making the transition from dentures in Bonita Springs to dental implants. Choosing a more permanent prosthetic for your smile will lead to many great benefits that can only be achieved with this type of tooth replacement. To help you in your pursuit of a more stable and fully functional smile, here are three reasons to make the switch.

You’ll Likely Need a Bone Graft

While the idea of having another oral procedure may not sound like a reason to make the switch, the truth is that it will be necessary to ensure your dental implants remain firmly in place. Even while wearing dentures, your jawbone deteriorates over time because there is no stimulation occurring. Should your dentist attempt to place a titanium post into a weakened area of the bone, the two will not fuse, resulting in implant failure. By undergoing a bone graft, the new and existing bone will integrate and create a stronger foundation for your prosthetics and customized restoration, ensuring greater success.

You’ll Enjoy a Greater Quality of Life

Dentures leave much to be desired, especially since they often slip while eating or speaking and require regular adjustments and replacements. While they are much cheaper upfront than dental implants in Bonita Springs, they can actually cost more in the long run. With permanent prosthetics, you can freely smile, eat, and speak around others and worry less about any potential for your teeth to shift, move, or even fall out. Dental implants are also easy to clean, allowing you to take better care of your smile and avoid many of the most common oral health problems (i.e., gum disease, tooth decay, peri-implantitis).

You May Be Able to Use Your Current Denture

Because of the high cost of dental implants, you may wonder if there’s any way your dentist can use your current denture as part of your newer, more permanent smile. In many cases, this is not possible; however, depending on the stability of your current prosthetic, it may be possible for them to retrofit your denture as part of your dental implants. This can help save you money and time, but it is ultimately your dentist’s decision as to whether it is possible. Many times, it is necessary to have a new implant denture created.

Making the switch from dentures to dental implants is a decision you won’t regret. Once outfitted with permanent, stable, and functional teeth, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the transition earlier!

About the Author
As a skilled professional, Dr. Lacy Gilbert offers patients a unique opportunity to have their dental implants placed and restored in-house. At Pelican Landing Dental, she uses a Cone Beam CT scanner to carefully plan all dental implant placements. Her educational background and advanced training make it possible for her to rebuild and restore smiles that can last 30 years or more! If you’re tired of your traditional dentures and want a longer-lasting solution, visit the website or call (239) 948-2111 to learn about dental implants.