5 Dental Trends to Keep an Eye On in the Future

Digital tooth representing future of dentistry

Generally speaking, your dentist in Bonita Springs will closely follow the “tried and true” methods of protecting teeth. Biannual checkups, regular brushing and flossing, and restorations for damaged teeth remain as reliable as ever for helping smiles last. However, the world is constantly changing, and dental care is expected to change in some big ways as technology improves and society shifts. Below are 5 dental trends that you can expect to become more widespread in the next decade or so.

1. Artificial Intelligence Playing a Role in Care

As AI technology improves, dentists might start using it to review X-rays and scans more efficiently than a human could. The technology will be able to quickly identify oral pathologies that could have potentially been missed, and it will be able to measure crown margins (the edges of the underside of the crown that fits around the tooth) and design aligners with greater accuracy. Overall, this will make it easier for dentists to offer truly comprehensive solutions that address all of a patient’s needs in a single visit.

2. Group Dentistry Becoming More Widespread

Many people find it difficult to maximize their dental insurance benefits thanks to the wide variety of plans that aren’t consistently accepted. To make dental care more affordable and help standardize the system, you may see more and more dental offices joining together to form dental chains in the future. Not only will this make it easier to consistently get quality dental care, but it will also create more competitive jobs in the dental field.

3. Hygienists Taking on a Larger Role

Several states are expected to broaden their general supervision laws in the future. This means that hygienists will be able take on more of a role in preventative, diagnostic, and restorative care for patients. They’ll also be able to focus more on the initial phases of dentistry so that your dentist has more time to spend on advanced treatments like crown placement, dental implants, and specialty procedures.

4. Changing Payment Models

Cash payments are largely being phased out, and if current trends continue, the same could happen to credit cards. Dental offices are expected to streamline their payment models to reflect the continuing shift towards online transactions.

5. Rise of Teledentistry and Mobile Dentistry

To improve your access to dental care, practices will likely start expanding their digital services, engaging with patients online and through their phones. Mobile clinics that bring dental care to where it’s needed most might also start to become more widespread.

No matter how your dental practice changes in the future, you can rest assured that your dentist and their team will remain committed to bringing you high quality, affordable care. During your next appointment, take the time to ask a few questions about dental trends and learn more about some of the recent changes in the field.

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