4 Common Cosmetic Dental Flaws and How to Fix Them

Woman's perfect teeth after correcting cosmetic dental flaws

An attractive smile is an invaluable asset. Not only can it give you confidence in social situations, but it can also affect the way you perceive yourself during your everyday activities. It even has the potential to make others see you as being more attractive, more successful, and younger. Are you happy with the way your smile looks? If you would like to improve its aesthetics, your cosmetic dentist in Bonita Springs is ready to help you reach your goals. Let’s talk about the possible solutions to four common cosmetic dental flaws.

Staining and Discoloration

Teeth can lose their original luster for a number of reasons, including age, heavy consumption of dark foods and beverages, and certain prescription medications. Over the counter whitening products might be able to brighten teeth to an extent. However, they usually do not offer the dramatic results that people hope for. A professional whitening treatment from your dentist, on the other hand, may be able to break up even deep-set stains that have been afflicting your teeth for years.

Broken or Chipped Teeth

In many cases, a chipped or broken tooth is more than a cosmetic problem. Depending on the nature of the break, the tooth might be extra-vulnerable to infection and decay. In such instances, you may need a metal-free restoration to cover the tooth in order to protect it and restore its appearance. In rare cases, it might even be necessary to extract a broken tooth and replace it later with a bridge or dental implant.

Of course, sometimes a chipped tooth is not a particularly serious problem. It might be possible to fix the issue with a cosmetic service like dental bonding or a porcelain veneer. These treatments cover the front of the tooth, hiding its aesthetic flaws and preventing the tooth’s rough edges from irritating nearby tissues in your mouth.

Crooked Teeth

If you have minor dental misalignment — such as a small gap between the front teeth — porcelain veneers may serve as a form of “instant orthodontics.” If the alignment problem is more serious, your dentist might determine that you could benefit from Invisalign clear aligners or traditional orthodontic treatment. Depending on the nature and severity of the misalignment, you could begin to notice results in just a few months.

Irregularly Shaped Teeth

Teeth grinding, genetics, and other factors may cause irregularly shaped teeth. Your dentist might recommend either veneers or crowns to give you a more proportionate, symmetrical smile. The option that is best for you will depend on which teeth are not shaped correctly and how healthy the teeth are.

Are you ready to get rid of the aesthetic imperfections in your smile? Requesting an appointment with a local cosmetic dentist could be your first step on the path to your dream look.

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