Post-Implant Recovery: Which Foods to Avoid to Ensure Successful Healing

a dentist performing dental implant surgery on a patient

Congratulations on your new smile! In choosing dental implants in Bonita Springs, you are now well on your way to enjoying healthier, more permanent teeth for a lifetime. These customized restorations are considered the superior form of tooth replacement and offer patients a wide array of benefits, but how long will it take before you can begin to reap the advantages of these titanium posts? A local dentist shares what to expect during your post-implant recovery as well as which foods you should avoid until you are fully healed.

Post-Dental Implant Recovery: What You Can Expect

After you receive your dental implants, it is imperative that you spend ample time resting at home. Your dentist in Bonita Springs will provide you with detailed instructions as to what you can do to minimize discomfort and swelling as well as maintain proper oral hygiene during this time. A few things you should remember if you want a swift and successful recovery include:

  • You will most likely experience some pain after the anesthesia and sedation wear off. To mitigate this problem, take over-the-counter medication as instructed. Avoid aspirin, as it can increase bleeding.
  • If your dentist prescribes a painkiller, take it as instructed.
  • Swelling is common around the implant surgical site(s). While it will typically dissipate on its own, it is recommended that you use a cold compress to help minimize swelling and assist with discomfort.
  • You should avoid smoking or using tobacco products of any kind while recovering. Disregarding this tip can cause you to experience a longer healing period because of the implant’s ability to fuse with the bone and surrounding tissue.
  • You will be required to attend your follow-up appointments to allow your dentist in Bonita Springs to review your progress.

The success rate for dental implant placement is extremely high, but should you develop an infection or other serious problem (i.e., nerve damage, sinus problems), make sure to call your dentist’s office as soon as possible.

Foods to Avoid to Ensure a Successful Recovery

Another important component to successful implant recovery is choosing the right foods to eat. In the beginning, you will feel much soreness and discomfort, so eating hard, crunchy foods will only exacerbate the pain. Instead, you’ll want to consume softer foods like yogurt, soup, oatmeal, or mashed potatoes. Make sure to stay away from alcohol, as this can prolong your healing process and potentially cause additional pain and swelling. You’ll also want to avoid popcorn, nuts, crackers, chips, and any other hard or sticky foods because they can become lodged in your incision site, resulting in a serious infection.

By adhering to the recommendations of your dentist, you will avoid any potential delays during your recovery and instead, find yourself one step closer to enjoying a happier, healthier smile for years to come.

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