Can You Keep Your Smile Healthy Without Visiting the Dentist?

Some people feel like one dental appointment every six months is far too often. After all, why visit the dentist if there’s nothing wrong with your teeth? And as long as you’re brushing and flossing every day, you should be able to keep your smile safe and healthy on your own, right? However, skipping these visits for any reason – whether it’s nerves, embarrassment, or a general sense of inconvenience – could have more dire consequences than you think. What will happen to your teeth if you avoid your dentist in Bonita Springs? Read on to learn more about the consequences.

Why are Regular Dental Appointments So Important?

Two crucial things happen during your biannual dental visits. First, your dentist performs a careful examination of your teeth and gums (which might include X-rays) in order to check for signs of decay and damage; this makes it easier to detect cavities and gum disease early on when they’re easier to treat. Second, a thorough cleaning of the mouth is performed. This is when any plaque or tartar that you’ve missed on your own is removed before it leads to permanent dental damage. These simple preventive measures go a long way towards keeping your smile intact without the need for complex treatment plans.

What are the Consequences of Avoiding the Dentist?

If you don’t visit the dentist at least twice a year, you’ll be at a much higher risk for the following dental problems:

  • Plaque could start to accumulate in the spaces that a toothbrush can’t easily reach.
  • Tooth decay that goes undetected could eventually reach the pulp of your teeth and cause an infection.
  • Gum disease might develop without you even realizing it, and you might be at risk of losing teeth as a result.
  • The buildup of bacteria and food particles that aren’t removed could cause bad breath.
  • Your teeth may eventually darken or become stained.
  • Signs of oral cancer or other oral diseases might go unnoticed for too long.

Can You Keep Your Smile Healthy on Your Own?

Brushing and flossing on a regular basis will go a long way towards keeping your teeth clean and healthy, but unfortunately there are likely to be several spots that you miss without realizing it. Any plaque that goes untouched for too long eventually hardens into tartar, and at that point you won’t be able to remove it on your own anymore. And of course, without the careful eye of an expert dentist, you might not recognize the warning signs of a severe oral health issue.

If you’ve been postponing your visits to the dentist, now is the perfect time to pick up the phone and schedule your next appointment. It may seem inconvenient at first, but it will make all the difference for your dazzling smile in the long run.

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