6 Important Safety Protocols Your Dentist is Following During COVID-19

Dentist sterilizing dental medical instruments with an autoclave

Near the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, most dental practices closed their doors to all but emergency cases. Now, more and more dentists are getting ready to see patients for regular checkups and cleanings again, but health and safety remain top concerns. To give you and other patients the peace-of-mind and clinical excellence you deserve, dentists in Bonita Springs are following a strict safety protocol to stop the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious agents. Worried about your next visit? Put your mind at ease by learning about 6 ways your dental office is protecting you.  

1. Teledentistry

Not all dental appointments need to be in person. In specific cases, consultations and follow-ups can be performed a special communication portal. Your dentist can remotely advise you on ways to maintain your oral health while you save yourself a trip to their office. Teledentistry will not always be an option, of course, but it does help dentists provide safe, efficient care when possible.

2. At-Risk Patient Hours

Older patients and those with specific health issues tend to be especially vulnerable to COVID-19. Many dental practices are setting aside specific patient hours for this group so that they can schedule appointments without worrying about unnecessary exposure.

3. Virtual Waiting Room

In the spirit of social distancing, many practices have adopted the idea of “virtual waiting rooms.” The check-in process can now be done with your phone in the safety and comfort of your car. Once the dentist is ready to see you, you can just go directly to the treatment room without spending too much time in the reception area.

4. Standard Cleaning and Sterilization

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, dentists have always had to follow strict procedures for keeping their tools and the various surfaces in the operatories clean. Everything is thoroughly wiped down, sanitized, and disinfected before the next appointment. All reusable tools must be sterilized according to CDC standards, which typically means heat and pressure cleaning.

5. Protective Equipment

Dentists and hygienists alike should always wear double-masking over their mouths when interacting with patients. For extra safety, face shields are also being put to good use. Special disposable coats and hats might also be used to limit the spread of airborne particles.

6. Daily Health Checks

To make sure that everyone on the dental staff is able to provide safe care for patients, all team members must undergo no-contact temperature checks and answer a few questions about the state of their health.

No matter what your dental needs are, you can rest assured that your dentist is taking your safety and overall health very seriously. Don’t be afraid to call your practice if you have additional concerns about your next visit.

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