Dental Insurance Is Set to Expire, Get Seen Today!

A person having their dental exam completed.

If you have dental insurance through your employer, you should know that the benefits that you currently have are unlikely to be available to you once the new year is here. In fact, January 1st is the most common day where dental insurance benefits reset, leaving any money you paid for them on the table. While dental insurance can make treatments more affordable, they don’t count for much if you don’t use them! When you schedule for an appointment today, here’s how you can benefit.

You’re Not Helping Insurance Companies Get Richer

Every dental insurance plan comes with what is called an annual maximum. This refers to the total amount an insurance company will pay for treatment in a given year, with the average maximum being about $1,250. If you’ve met your deductible and you’ve spent less than what your annual maximum allows (which is the case for the majority of Americans), then any money you don’t use goes right back to the insurance company. Instead of helping them make more profits, now is the time to get scheduled and make use of the benefits you paid for!

You’re Making the Most of your Deductible and Premiums

Before insurance companies cover any of your treatment, you need to meet your deductible and pay your monthly premium. While the deductible can be low for dental insurance plans, you’ll still need to pay it again once your benefits reset in the new year. You do not get this deductible back, even if you don’t use any of your benefits at all! Furthermore, premiums are what allow you to access care in the first place, and there’s no reason not to go to the dentist if you have benefits to use.

You’re Locking In Treatment Before Your Plan Changes

It’s rare for a dental insurance company’s plan to remain the same year after year. For example, premiums can begin to go up and coverage for certain treatments can change. Once you schedule your treatment now, you lock in coverage for that treatment going into the new year, even if you haven’t completed it yet. For example, if you need a dental crown and you have not yet finished your treatment, you can get it completed under your current coverage during each stage of your procedure.

You’re Keeping Up With Your Long-Term Oral Health

Preventive care is not only one of the most effective ways to maintain long-term oral health, but it’s also the most affordable form of care you can get. In most dental plans, you can expect your dental insurance to cover between 80 and 100 percent of the cost! It’s the perfect way to make the most of your insurance, save money, and keep a healthy smile as you enter the new year.

Have you not yet scheduled an appointment with a dentist? Now is the perfect time to get it done! Schedule an appointment and don’t let your insurance company run away with the benefits you earned!

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The dentists at Pelican Landing Dental are happy to file claims on your behalf, schedule treatments in a way that helps you maximize your coverage, and explain which treatments are covered beforehand so you’re not caught off guard by surprise fees. To learn more about the practice or schedule an appointment, you can contact them through their website.