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Like workers in a factory, each and every tooth in your mouth has a different task to perform. Together, they get the job done—whether that job is smiling, speaking or chewing. For your information, the dentist in Bonita Springs, Florida, at Pelican Landing Dental offers the following insights into the development and structure of your teeth, as well as the function of each.

How Do Teeth Develop?

Everybody knows that our smiles begin with those precious baby teeth, also called primary teeth. These stay in children’s mouths until they are about six years old when their permanent teeth start to appear. And while primary and permanent teeth appear at different times, they usually appear at a similar rate. For instance, our front teeth are the ones that appear first and they usually show up in parallel—in other words, the right with the left.

The portion of a tooth that everyone sees, the crown, forms and erupts first; tooth roots continue to grow even after the tooth has broken through the gum tissue. There are 20 primary teeth, and most adults have 32 permanent teeth.

What Do Our Teeth Do?

Talk about multi-tasking! Our teeth fulfill a lot of roles. They are the first step in digestion, chewing food so that we can swallow and digest. They help us to speak clearly and, of course, they are an integral part of a beautiful smile.

Each tooth is shaped to fulfill the function it performs. The types of teeth we have include:

  • These are the teeth that are front and center when you smile. There are four on the top arch, four on the bottom, and they are designed for biting.
  • These are the sharpest teeth in your mouth and they are located alongside the incisors. When you need to rip or tear food, it’s canines that do the work.
  • These teeth are also called bicuspids and are positioned behind the canines. Used for chewing and grinding your foods, there are two in each quadrant of your mouth.
  • Like your premolars, these are also used for chewing and grinding. Located at the very back of your mouth, these are your largest teeth.

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