Your Family Dentist Explains the Importance of Baby Teeth

We have heard time and time again, and we may have even said it ourselves a time or two, “Oh, they are just baby teeth.” While they are just baby teeth, baby teeth play a very important role in your child’s speech development and their ability to learn to eat correctly. Not to mention, baby teeth also allow for the proper development of adult teeth. With baby teeth being a critical part of your child’s development, it’s essential their baby teeth receive the proper care. With the help of a family dentist in Bonita Springs FL, you will help to ensure you child’s baby teeth stay healthy while paving the way for healthy permanent teeth.

Why are Baby Teeth Important?

Baby teeth play a very important role in your child’s physical, social and emotional development. Baby teeth are needed to ensure your child is able to eat a healthy, balanced diet for overall development. In addition, the foods they eat will help to promote the health of their baby and permanent teeth.

Your child’s baby teeth also aid with your child’s speech development, as well as their self-esteem. A beautiful, healthy smile allows the baby teeth to hold space for the eruption of the permanent teeth. With healthy baby teeth, there is likely to be fewer complications with the permanent teeth as there is adequate spacing in the jaw.

How Do I Care for Baby Teeth?

We all know that brushing and flossing twice a day are crucial for oral health, but your child’s diet also has a large impact on the health of their teeth. A well balanced diet that is limited in sugary or acidic foods will allow for proper development while also reducing the risk for tooth decay.

In addition to home care, your child needs to visit their children’s dentist in Bonita Springs FL at least twice a year. Both the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommend children see the dentist for the first time before the age of two. Regular visits to the dentist will allow us to build a positive relationship with your child while keeping their teeth healthy. Not only do we clean their teeth to reduce the risk for decay, but we also monitor the development of their baby teeth to provide early intervention. With early intervention for potential future complications, we decrease the severity of oral health problems in the future.

We will also provide preventive care to stop damage before it even starts. With dental sealants and fluoride treatments, we’ll keep your child’s teeth strong and beautiful.

Your Family Dentist in Bonita Springs, FL

As a family dentist in Bonita Springs FL, we provide preventative care for children through all stages of development. We provide your child with comprehensive care while educating you about the best methods to promote the health of their baby teeth. Together, with the right preventive care we will give your children healthy, beautiful smiles that last a lifetime.